Got Fleas?

Get Flea Beacon

The Safe, Fast, Clean, & Easy Way to Get Rid of Indoor Fleas

No Home Evacuations

No Pesticides or Exterminators

Safe for the Children

How It Works

Just plug the Flea Beacon in and walk away!

It's simple. Fleas are attracted to warmth and light. A strategically placed light bulb attracts fleas inside the Flea Trap. When the fleas jump in for this source of light & heat, they rebound into the catch tray below which is covered with a sticky strip. Fleas jump in. They don't jump out. Ever.

The Flea Beacon can be moved from room to room for total indoor flea control. And the best part, it breaks the breeding cycle by catching adults before they have a chance to lay eggs.

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Orscheln Farm & Home

20200 West Kellogg Avenue, Goddard, KS, 67052

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Tractor Supply Store

9425 WEST KELLOGG, Wichita, KS, 67209

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Tractor Supply Store

1203 NORTH LORRAINE ST, Hutchinson, KS, 67501

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Orscheln Farm Home Store

1500 E. 11th St., Hutchinson, KS, 67501

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Atwoods of Park City

6235 N Broadway, Park City, KS, 67219

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2136 N MOSLEY, WICHITA, KS, 67214

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C W Feed Products

1009 N Mosely Street, Wichita, KS, 67214

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Atwoods of Derby

KS 15 Red Powwell Drive, Derby, Kansas, 67037

31.2 miles

Chisholm Trail Country Store

507 SE 36th, Newton, KS, 67114

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Tractor Supply Store

715 SOUTHEAST 36TH ST, Newton, KS, 67114

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Orscheln Farm Home Store

321 Windward Dr., Newton, KS, 67114

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Atwoods of Andover

426 S Andover Rd, Andover, Kansas, 67002

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Orscheln Farm Home Store

1203 W. 8th St., Wellington, KS, 67152

40.2 miles

Tractor Supply Store

10025 SOUTHWEST DIAMOND RD, Augusta, KS, 67010

43.7 miles

Orscheln Farm Home Store

2204 E. Kansas Ave., McPherson, KS, 67460

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Tractor Supply Store

1330 NORTH MAIN ST, Mcpherson, KS, 67460

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Tractor Supply Store

1727 EAST 1ST ST, Pratt, KS, 67124

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Orscheln Farm Home Store

2354 W. Central St., El Dorado, KS, 67042

51.5 miles

Orscheln Farm Home Store

1601 1st St., Pratt, KS, 67124

51.8 miles

Orscheln Farm & Home

300 South Iliff Street, Medicine Lodge, KS, 67104

53.1 miles

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  • It Works!

    Bought my flea trap this afternoon. Set it up this evening and went shopping. Came home to find an incredible number of fleas already caught and many more headed for trap. Amazing!

    P. Beam

  • I'm a Believer!

    Several weeks ago I sent one of your Flea Traps to a relative after seeing an ad in Dog World. She called me yesterday and raved about it. I must admit that I had a litte doubt about your being able to live up to the claims, but I am a believer now.

    R. Morissey

  • Does the Job!

    Your Flea Trap is amazing - sure does the job. My friends are shocked when they see the results!

    E. Worsham

  • Send Me More Please!

    In less than an hour, the FleaBeacon has attracted over 100 fleas and still working hard. I should have moved the trap in earlier instead of wasting my money on "foggers".

    C. Funnell

  • Thank You!

    Your Happy jack Flea Trap that I received in October of this year is wonderful! I'm only sorry that I didn't take the time to order it this Summer! I have told many people about your trap and most cannot believe it until they come over and see how many fleas I have caught!

    G. Kundes

  • Send Me Another!

    I received my Happy Jack flea trap just 4 days after placing my order. The device works incredibly well.

    M. Tasler