The Flea Beacon

Fleas can't live with it.
Pet owners can't live without it.

Presenting the Flea Beacon from Happy Jack. It's possibly the safest, fastest, cleanest, easiest way to get rid of the fleas that have made your house their home. And right now it's available at select dealers.

How Flea Beacon Works

How it works

It's simple. Fleas are attracted to warmth and light. A strategically placed light bulb attracts fleas inside the Flea Trap. When the fleas jump in for this source of light & heat, they rebound into the catch tray below which is covered with a sticky strip. Fleas jump in. They don't jump out. Ever.

The Flea Beacon can be moved from room to room for total indoor flea control. And the best part, it breaks the breeding cycle by catching adults before they have a chance to lay eggs.

Foggers are nasty.

Exterminators are expensive.

The Flea Beacon is awesome.

Find a store

The Flea Beacon is available at select Dealers nationwide.

"Thank you for making available a device which actually works for flea control!" Bernie Rogers, Charlotte, NC
"Every summer, our area seems to be infested with them. Once again, thank you for making a great product that is not harmful to me or any of my animals." Cheryl Runk, Lockport, NY
"I have four Happy Jack Flea Beacons throughout my house. Ever since I started using the Flea Beacons in my house 2 years ago, my home and my three dogs have all been flea-free!" Rita Ryan, Mundelein, IL
"I've fogged my house by two different nationally advertised 'foggers' to get rid of all of the fleas, but those results were only temporary. I should have bought the Flea Beacon earlier instead of wasting money on those 'foggers.'"Carter Funnell, Delray Beach, FL

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